You’ve heard the stories. Unidentified objects, spaceships from other worlds, are coming here. Sometimes they’re abducting people and animals and doing experiments and inserting probes. Some of them are communicating with people. There are different kinds, like the Greys and the lizard aliens. Some people even say that members of Congress are lizard people disguised as humans.

It’s mysterious and exciting to think about the possibility and you want it to be true, even though you haven’t seen an alien yourself, nor have you been abducted. You know of others that say they have and they sound very convincing, but you haven’t personally had an experience, other than maybe convincing yourself that they come in your dreams somehow.

Space aliens visiting Earth is a debunked conspiracy theory.

There are no alien beings visiting Earth in interplanetary spacecraft that can travel faster than light. Anyone who tells you they have met such beings or seen one of these spacecrafts is most likely lying to you, and if not, misinterpreting what they think they saw. Fuzzy and digitally altered pictures don’t cut it for real scientific evidence. That’s the truth and if you don’t believe it’s the truth then you’ve already been deceived.

There’s no secret government plot to hide information about aliens and UFOs because the government doesn’t have information about space aliens. What the government does have are reports of pilots and others noticing “unidentified areal phenomena,” or what UFO people call a UFO. In other words, some people have reported seeing things that we don’t know what they are. To then extrapolate that objects not yet identified must be coming from another planet is a fallacy in logic.

Aliens can’t go faster than the speed of light and even all the radio waves that we have emitted since Marconi invented the wireless telegraph in 1901 haven’t reached any habitable planets. This image puts it in perspective.

As the distance of the signals doubles, the signal degrades by 4 times magnitude. By now, the outer reaches of those first wireless telegraph signals are degraded to the point as to be indistinguishable from background radiation. If this is the distance radio has traveled at the speed of light, know that neither aliens nor humans will ever be able to even approach that kind of speed. Therefore, to travel from star to the next takes hundreds or even thousands of years.